Oops! Your email may have been REJECTED...

If you've reached this website, chances are that an email you tried to deliver was rejected by the antispam software used by the recipient. If that was done by mistake, please read this page carefully to quickly resolve the issue.

spam.center is a global IP/URL reputation list to help fight spam. We store reputation data of IP addresses and domain names.

Any antispam filter can make a mistake. For example, blocking can occur because you used to have a spam issue, but managed to resolve that already. Although you received a bounce message indicating the email was not delivered, your email was actually discarded! The antispam provider of the recipient NOT stored a copy of your email in the antispam system of the recipient.

If your message was wrongly rejected, please try to find other means to each out to the recipient so they can whitelist the sender and report your wrongly classified email to their antispam provider. This will not only resolve the immediate reputation issue, but also helps in improving your IP/domain reputation for the future.

As you may not be able to get hold of the recipient immediately, as an immediate solution you can simply exclude your IP/domain with bad reputation for up to 7 days via this website. That should provide sufficient time for the recipient(s) to release & train your email from their spam quarantine, to resolve the reputation issue.

Unfortunately, there is no other way to improve your reputation, except by ensuring the recipient(s) report the mistake. We cannot manually resolve your reputation issues on this system; it's a fully automated process.

To summarize, to resolve the reputation issue:
  1. Based on the bounce/rejection message you received, determine if the issue is with your sending IP or with a domain in the email
  2. First investigate possible issues with spam originating from your IP, or a domain listed in your email being used in spam (possibly because it's infected)
  3. When you're confident there is no issue (anymore), execute a temporary delist for 7 days to exclude your IP/domain from this system
  4. Find another means of contacting the recipient, and inform them your email was rejected so they can release & train the message from their spam quarantine
  5. Check any external blacklists as well, and to request delisting on other systems where you are listed
  6. If the issue reoccurs, it means that insufficient recipients have released & trained your messages to improve the reputation; please start at (1) again

We do not disclose details to a sender about WHY the IP has a bad reputation. It may be due to spam reports we received, third-party reputation sources, or another reason. If you do want to receive more information about why your domain/IP was listed, please contact the recipient, who can reach out to their antispam provider for further details.

You can contact us if you have further questions. Please note:

Please do not contact us for delisting requests, or to request details about the block (only the recipient can request such details from their antispam provider).

Our apologies if this is causing you issues, we're working hard on making the internet a safer place. If you follow the above instructions, and the recipients indeed release & train the messages, the issues should be quickly solved.